Macho Memories, Knobbs Offends, & Chyna

This is my 1st blog on How I wish I didn’t have to blog on the death of long time friend, pop culture icon, and one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time, “Macho Man” Randy Savage. I will share some of my thoughts & memories of Randy with you later in this blog. Knobbs managed to take his offensiveness to a whole new level, this past weekend at the WrestleFest Convention in Newark,CA, by mocking and laughing about Randy’s death, managing to offend and in some cases infuriate myself & most of my colleagues. I was contacted by TMZ the other day. You’ll never guess what they wanted to talk about. Chyna, of course.

I thought Friday, May 21st couldn’t have started off on a more shitty note due to travel issues. I’d give anything for that to have been the worst thing to happen that day. After missing a 6:00 am flight to San Francisco and not knowing if I was going to make it to CA in time for the WrestleFest Convention, my very 1st west coast convention, I finally got a flight at 6pm and went home to rest for several hours. I woke up around 2:30pm to see I had at least 20 missed calls. There were 2 calls from HHH, several other friends, and even local news casters. A text from Hunter simple said “Hey Sean, can you call me as soon as you get this? I was overcome with angst as I called Hunter. Like all my close longtime friends, he always calls me Kid. I thought to myself “Scott’s gone” After everything he’s been through lately, can anyone blame me? Hunter told me what happened & Randy was gone. I was waiting for a gut punch-knee lift, and ended up taking a shot to the balls. I broke down & cried, as I’m sure so many others had done when they found out. I finished the conversation with Hunter quickly & proceeded to curl up in a ball, crying like a baby. I fell back to sleep & was woken by another phone call, this time from Bay News 9, a local News program. I made time to do an interview for them about Randy before barely making my 2nd attempt at a flight for the day.

Standing outside the Cox Radio Bldg, where I’m a member of The Cowhead Show and my own show on, I gave a brief interview & got in my car, at which time I hauled ass across the 10 mile bridge across Tampa Bay to the airport. Although the interview was short, it stimulated my mind into remembering alot of really cool personal memories of Randy Savage. As a kid ,training with The Great Malenko, I became friends with Randy’s parents, The late Angelo Poffo & his wife Judy. My first wrestling boots were a pair of Randy’s yellow boots with white stars. I even had Randy’s yellow bike knee pads. I used to like to think they were the ones he wore in his match with Steamboat at WrestleMania 3. If you didn’t already know Randy, he wasn’t an easy guy to get close to. Being friends of his parents, the fact that Curt Hennig had taken me under his wing, and him being a fan of my work, I was very fortunate Randy had opened up to & taken a liking to me.

The period in which I first came to WWF, Randy was still taking his split from Liz really hard & Curt often had Randy ride with us on the road. Curt was trying to get Randy out of the funk he had been in by cheering him up. If anyone could it was Curt & to a large extent it worked. It wasn’t just Curt. All of Randy’s friends were pulling for him to get through this tough period in his life. So there were numerous nights of me in the back, with Curt driving(he always drove), and Randy riding shotgun. I wasn’t even legally old enough to drink & Im riding with Mr Perfect & Macho Man Randy Savage and part of the WWF. I cant express in words how amazing that was for me. Curt would play country songs for Randy & talk about how the song was like or about the business. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson “Red Headed Stranger” was one of Randy’s favorites while riding with us. Also a Chris Ledoux album was high on his list. Same album Curt got the idea to call Shawn “The HeartBreak Kid” from. When my teacher & father figure The Great Malenko died. Randy insisted on picking me up at the airport and bringing me to the funeral. He did color commentary with Jim Ross on what I consider the best singles match of my career, with Bret Hart on Raw. I could go on forever about Randy. In recent years he withdrew himself from the wrestling business & had become somewhat of a recluse. I tried to contact him when I returned from living in Mexico, to no avail. I figured I would run into him eventually, being that we lived in the same town, but it never happened. When his dog Hercules died he cremated him and spread his ashes under a tree on his property & at that time he said he didn’t want all the fan fair of a public funeral when he died & that he wanted the same for himself as he gave Hercules, to be cremated & his ashes spread under the same tree, saying “If it’s good enough for my dog, it’s good enough for me.” You were & are loved by millions. I can’t thank you enough for the positive impact you made in my life Randy Savage.

I ended up making my flight to CA, which was long, brutal, and delayed on the runway forever. I finally got to my hotel room after midnight, in a lot of pain, and exhausted. The travel is harder on our body than the wrestling. You will hear that from a lot of pro wrestlers. If it’s not true, it sure feels that way. I fell a sleep really quick. Not only did I have the convention the next day, but a match teaming with Kevin Nash later in the evening. The beds were great at the hotel, so I got decent sleep. I woke up still in pain, but excited to see Kev, Bret Hart, and everyone else. The news of Randy’s death was still like a fresh cut, but at least alot of us that knew him could be together in one place. It really helped me in dealing with it. It was great to see everyone that was part of the convention, with two exceptions. The first being Virgil, who I get along with fine, but I can’t stand how shameless he is in trying to hustle the fans out of money & how shitty he is to them when he cant squeeze any money out of them. The other person I wish I hadn’t seen was Brian Knobbs. Knobbs lives here in the Tampa area, as do I. I pretty much get a long with everyone & genuinely like them as well. So inspite of the fact that he’s constantly bad mouthing myself & most everyone he knows, behind their backs, I still get along with him. I even go to his school sometimes to help his students. Did I mention that Knobbs also happens to be the only one of the boys Ive ever had a physical altercation with out of the ring. When I first got to WCW & was part of the nWo, he proceeded to try & bully me like he is known for doing. I was walking into the House of Blues in New Orleans with Scott Hall. Hulk was there, on stage, jamming with the band that was playing. I saw Hulk & sure enough there’s Knobbs with his nose up Hulkster’s ass as usual. I thought to myself “Oh no. I sure hope he doesn’t see me, maybe I can sneak through without him noticing.” Just when I thought I had succeeded, all of the sudden Knobbs comes from behind & grabs a handful of hair, he shakes my head back & forth, then smacks me in the back of the head. I had enough. I turned around and drilled him in the chin, sending him back against the bar. If Sags wouldn’t have saw it & punched me in the nose, I would have lit Knobbs up pretty bad that night. Scott Norton & DDP broke it up. I went & washed my nose, which was bleeding, and came back out, went over to them & had a drink with them. We shook hands & buried it right away. I made my point & wasn’t mad at Sags. I would have done the same thing. So there’s a bit of history between us, but no big deal in my book. What is a big deal in my book is when he arrived at the convention and he came to me laughing and holding his chest, saying “Oh yeah!” and mocks having a heart attack. I immediately told him how fucked up I thought it was, he blew me off & went to just about everyone else in the room, doing the same thing.Some fans even saw him do it. Mocking the death of Randy less than 24 hours after it happened. I know I’ve done some bad things in my life, a lot of things Im very sorry for. Many probably think I have some nerve coming off like a moral authority, but someone has to call Brian out on his bullshit. He even has my friend Steve Chamberland, who has one leg, ready to kick his ass(no pun intended) for running him down on Bubba The Love Sponge, in spite of Steve running all Knobbs wrestling camps for him for free. Steve and I called Knobbs out on The Cowhead Show & tried to get him to come on the show to defend himself, but he shut his phone off. Chamberland challenged Knobbs to a fight and even proposed doing it for Randy’s favorite charity here locally. St Petersburg All Children’s Hospital. Not a word from Knobbs. btw you can follow Steve on twitter @nfewrestling. Enough about Knobbs.

Im sure a lot of you already saw the article on about Chyna’s new adult feature with Vivid Video. As much as I may still carry some resentment towards Joanie, I do care about her & do wish her well. When I heard she was going to work in TNA/ Impact, I was hoping that it would be something that could help her & be a good thing for her. When the TMZ story came out and they told me what was going on, it made me sad. When we made the sex tape in 2004, we were both doing a lot of hard drugs & at a low point in our lives. I feel like she hasn’t made any real progress in changing her life in the last 7 years. On The Cowhead Show, Cowhead tried to get her on the phone with me at the same time & it kind of upset me when I heard her voice on her voicemail greeting. So I still have some issues with her that were never & probably will never get resolved. Im going to end here. My first blog on was a long one. Thanks for being patient, if you made it all the way to the end. I’ll be back in a few days. Take care everyone.

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