I honestly hadn’t payed attention to all of the Warrior/Hogan stuff going on.  Last Thursday on The Cowhead Show, I was told about Warrior’s latest accusations regarding Hulk’s private life & that Hulk was on Bubba The Love Sponge earlier that morning commenting on the situation, making reference to a rumor involving Warrior & gay prostitution. I started writing this more than a few days ago & then I stopped. I really didn’t plan on finishing it. I was just going to write about something else. But, it seems like this story isn’t going away. 

Like I said, I really hadn’t been following the whole Warrior/Hogan story until I showed up for a regular appearance on The Cowhead Show & that was the big news of the day.  I like Hulk & I have nothing against Ultimate Warrior. I was never around him much, but he was always cool to me during the few encounters I did have with him. What I’m trying to say is I didn’t feel too comfortable talking about it, but I did.  So I’ll say here what I said on Cowhead. I have never heard any stories involving Hulk swinging or wife swapping in all of the years I’ve been wrestling. That was the first I heard of  it & that’s the honest truth. I have heard stories for years about Warrior being involved in some type of gay prostitution. That doesn’t mean they’re true. I was surprised Hogan commented on it in the first place, except that He & Bubba(The Love Sponge) are close friends & there’s no way in hell Bubba was going to let Hulk get by without commenting about it on air.

I  watched Hulk’s video blog. He answers a few questions about it, saying he thinks Warrior is a good guy & more or less took the high road. No mention of gay prostitution or any other jabs back at Warrior.

I just took another break in writing this & I saw that Warrior has posted his Kharma videos. So I watched them. More talk of Hulk’s private life concerning Linda. Whether it’s Hulk & Linda’s alleged unconventional sex  life or allegations of Warrior being a gay prostitute at one time, who cares? I know there’s a percentage of people who eat this kind of stuff up, but I’d like to think the vast majority of people don’t want to know about this shit. At least I think watching the videos answered one I had. Why is Warrior doing this? At one point he makes no bones about saying there’s a book coming.  You’re a little late Warrior. The cat has been out of the bag for a long time that Terry Bollea is a human being, with defects of character, just like everyone else. Yourself included. I’m sincerely happy that your life is good & I agree with many of the things you said about being a better person, but I don’t think you speak for nearly as many people as you think.

I think it’s hypocritical to mention Hulk’s catch phrase of  ”A day without pot is like a day without sunshine.” without mentioning your famous “prayer” sessions at the arenas, which was code for smoking pot.  As far as the “juvi juice” you’re referring to, which for everyone that doesn’t know, was  a supplement you could buy over the counter at supplement stores called Renutrient & other names. It was Furanone Dyhydro (a chemical precursor to GHB) and I promise you Terry Bollea did not introduce it to the wrestling business. Tons of people in wrestling used it at the time. People that never drank or did any other drugs were even using it at the time. Yes it was very powerful. It’s no longer available, but at the time was totally legal. So Hulk Hogan didn’t control the “juvi juice” supply for the wrestling business. Guys in both companies did it.

All of this kind of  high and mighty preaching of morality is why the people shit on you when you did go to WCW. Maybe it is an example of the decay of society, but people don’t want to be preached to. Like I said before, I think the vast majority of people do not care whether Hulk let someone else bang his wife any more than they care whether you were a gay prostitute in the past. Except for the fact that you made some statements, while speaking at a college, that many people viewed as anti-gay. If the accusations were ever found to be true & now your rhetoric is anti-gay, then that might raise a few eyebrows.  I hope there’s more to your book than just exposing Hulk’s dirty laundry. I understand why you may feel slighted about being given credit for what you accomplished, with a lot of help from others, in the wrestling industry. Being left off the WWE’s Top 50 list, for example, I found ridiculous. I could be wrong, but I think you’re going to be disappointed to find out most people aren’t on the same page as you.

I just realized this went from me writing about the subject to speaking directly to Warrior by the end of it. I Didn’t mean for it to be that way, until I watched the “Kharma Videos”. I do sincerely wish both of them the best.

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